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Koordination und Einsatzplanung

Property call logs, voicemails and text messages

A central location for all communication and contacts related to your properties, saved in the cloud for safe keeping.

Private internal comments

Comment directly with team members to keep everyone in the loop or record reminders for yourself.

Verlauf im Zugriff

Create a voicemail for every property to ensure a personalized experience for every tenant.

Stay connected with your tenants

Team-based phone system

Stop confusing your tenants by using multiple phone numbers. Our collaboration tools use one phone number for all points of contact.

Daily and weekly email activity summary

Get caught up on to-do's and all-done's with emailed digests sent to the entire teams recapping activity across property.

Tenant follow-up reminders

Never forget to respond to a tenant. Set reminders about tasks at hand and mark completed when done.

Practical communication automations

Set property hours Coming Soon

Control when you receive phone calls and text messages for your properties with our handy “Do Not Disturb” feature. Don’t worry about leaving the caller in the dark though - set automatic replies so they know who to get ahold of while you’re out.

Automatic text responses Coming Soon

Help tenants get answers faster by leveraging our menu-based auto replies to common questions about your properties.

Welcome message for new tenants

Easily send personalized welcome messages to each new tenant, helping them feel at home in your property.

Efficient communication super powers

Assign each property a manager

Establish a point person for each property so no message goes unanswered.

Shared replies for text messages

Allow you and your team to have a common voice on text message replies.

Property announcement text messages

Ensure each tenant is in the loop for each property’s updates through our seamless routing system.

Scale like no one is watching

Built to be used with other people

Managing a property is hard enough on your own. Doorkeep was built from the ground up to encourage collaboration and open communication across your team.

Unlimited properties and contacts

We do not charge you per property, property type, or unit count. So add more when you need them.

Storage for all of your communications

We store all of your text messages, activity, voicemails and call logs all in one spot.

An advanced inbox for property managers

Our communication foundation

Picture and Video messaging

Text messaging in Doorkeep allows you to receive pictures or video text messages from your contacts. So when a tenant sends you a text message with a picture of a leaky faucet, you'll get it!

No App for your tenants to download

Don’t worry about forcing your tenants to download an app, or providing complicated instructions or passwords. Tenants use phone calls and text messages that feel natural while you still get our powerful features.

Mobile friendly

Take all your conversations with you and respond to them when you need to. Doorkeep is designed to work well on your mobile web browser.

Get organized, Start using Foxtag!

Sign up today, choose your new Doorkeep phone number and we'll give you and one one other person access right away! Add more people on your team anytime. Ready to get your communications organized

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Get organized, Start using Doorkeep!

Sign up today, choose your new Doorkeep phone number and we'll give you and one one other person access right away! Add more people on your team anytime. Ready to get your communications organized?

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